Download the mHITs iPhone app - its FREE!

The free mHITs iPhone app helps make mHITs easier to use by creating the SMS message for you plus it adds other handy features.

With the mHITs iPhone app you can:

  • More easily perform mHITs functions by using buttons instead of remembering keywords
  • Send money to anyone with an Australian mobile
  • Send money to people overseas to compatible mobile money services
  • Check your mHITs account balance
  • Create a list of favourites for frequently made payments to people
  • Make a payment to friends by selecting them from your contacts
  • Invite a friend to join mHITs by selecting them from your contacts



Technical Stuff:

  • The mHITs iPhone app will only work on an iPhone. It will not work on an iPod Touch or iPad
  • Mobile data downloading or Internet usage charges may apply - check with your Internet service provider or mobile network provider
  • SMS message usage charges apply for sending an SMS - check with your mobile network provider

Things you should know:

mHITs works on all Australian mobile networks and on both pre-paid and account plans.

You will need to have an mHITs account before you can make a payment using mHITs or the mHITs app. Registration is free. Click here to register.

To receive SMS replies from mHITs on-screen, make sure you have "Show on Lock Screen" set to ON under Settings -> Notifications -> Messages.

Download for FREE

Search for "mHITs" in the Apple iTunes app store or click here to download.